Absorb-Tabs® – Blank Carrier Tablets

Absorb-Tabs<sup>®</sup> – Blank Carrier Tablets

Absorb-Tabs® are non-toxic, blank (untreated) carrier tablets that will absorb fragrances, essential oils, lubricants, rust preventatives, and other non-aqueous liquids, and provide long term release of these and other volatiles. They also may slowly release a liquid into other liquids systems. In water they quickly disintegrate. Absorb-Tabs® are used in many consumer products to impart a pleasant fragrance and to mask basic raw material odors. They also have many potential packaging, industrial and OEM applications. Absorb-Tabs® are made of cellulosic materials, insoluble in aqueous and organic solutions, and can be impregnated with up to 35% of tablet weight with non-aqueous liquids. Pigments can provide color (special runs) for visual and consumer eye appeal.

Absorb-Tabs® can be made in many sizes from ¼ to 4" OD. However, to meet the needs for samples and small quantities, certain sizes/shapes are kept in stock. For purchasing economy of non-stock sizes, minimum runs of 75,000 are recommended, less if over 1" OD. FREE samples of stock sizes (1 to 2 dozen depending on size) will be sent on request. For other sizes please call, we do have some in stock. As for impregnating (dipping), you can do it or we can do it for you. Samples can be prepared by immersing followed by blotting if necessary, or adding the liquid with a medicine dropper. Doing several tablets, weighing before and after, will give the amount of liquid absorbed. The amount of liquid absorbed and the release period depend on the characteristics of the liquid which the client selects and supplies. Release periods have varied from a few days to over 9 months.

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