Copolywax® Grinding Aid & Pellet Binder

Copolywax® is a proprietary, micronized formulation of non-reactive, friction-reducing and binding materials that make it an excellent grinding aid and XRF binder. Copolywax® makes hydraulic pellets of high integrity that are "non-dusting" of XRF equipment. Grinders and bowls are easily cleaned – air has been adequate. Re-calibration has been minimal or eliminated. Copolywax® is exceptionally stable and should not contain metals (as does boric acid, which can cause interference and inconsistent results). Field tests, and our internal comparative tests with competitive materials show Copolywax® excels over all domestic and foreign products.

Copolywax® is available as powder and tablets. Powder is advantageous for pre-ground or micronized test samples and in special applications. Tablets, having excellent integrity and tight weight specs, save weighing time and allow simple counting for each sample ground. Preliminary reports indicate tablets work well with auto-feeders.

Tablets available: 200, 250, 330 (All 3/8" OD), & 500mg (7/16" OD).

Typical use could start with 500mg of Copolywax® to a 5 gm test sample. This has proved useful with silicon and magnesium alloy steels, ferro-alloys, precious metals, ores, aluminum, and other metallurgicals. Applications also include cement, mining, fertilizers, quartz, coal (whole & ash), refractories, steel, alloys, bag house dust, fly ash, slag, petroleum coke, etc.

Samples of Copolywax® sent on request without charge.

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Copolywax<sup>®</sup> Grinding Aid & Pellet Binder

Copolywax<sup>®</sup> Grinding Aid & Pellet Binder