Formula Blending and tableting for a Novelty Aerosol Product String Confetti

String confetti has been a party staple since the 70’s; this innovative product produces a colorful plastic streamer from a can. The streamer is composed of a polymer resin under pressure: when you press the valve, the material is released, drying instantly and covering those on the business end with an easy to remove ribbon of string. As with so many products that we take for granted, this seemingly simple product is the end result of comprehensive planning and engineering. At TAB-PRO, our part in products such as this aerosol filling project is to develop cost effective solutions that simplify processes, driving out cost.

The material that ultimately becomes the string is produced in a tablet form; our tableting process completely eliminates the risk of cross contamination between colors, which is a critical concern when handling pigmented powders. The blending, solvent dispersion and tableting are performed in our Paterson Kelley twin shell blender and on a Colton 250 rotary tablet press. The polymer and fluorescent pigment is blended, and then a solvent is added through the intensifier bar as a mist. This process solvent produces a tackified polymer that is suitable for tableting. The finished 4.4 gram tablets measure .75” in diameter, and 0.83” in height, which is verified throughout production with dimensional, weight, and hardness testing. This product is produced in three colors, in 5,000 lb. runs, all with lead times of just one week.

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Formula Blending and tableting for Silly String

Formula Blending and tableting for a Novelty Aerosol Product String Confetti

Aerosol String Confetti Blending and tableting Project Specifications

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Formula Blending
Solvent Dispersion
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Colton 250 Rotary Tablet Press
Paterson Kelley Twin Shell Blender
Overall Part Dimensions
Diameter: 3/4" diameter
Weight: 4.4 gram
Height: 0.83"
Material Used Polymer Resin, fluorescent pigment, Solvent tackifying binder.
In process testing/inspection performed Press operator checks height, weight, and hardness.
Industry for Use Aerosol Filling
Volume 5,000 Lb Runs - 3 Colors
Delivery/Turnaround Time 1 week
Product Name String Confetti

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